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John Hume: “The Greatest Political Problem-Solver of our Time”

At the cinematic release of John Hume in America, former Irish President Mary McAleese praises John Hume as the “greatest political problem-solver of our time.” The film about this legendary man has also gained the attention of


Telling the story of legendary Irish politician John Hume, the feature documentary John Hume in America tells a story of John Hume and how his engagement with the US lead to securing peace in Northern Ireland. Featuring two former United States presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.



The film has been welcomed in the United States, and has gained the attention of politicians. Thomas O Neill, former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, stated that John Hume in America as “the most succinct narrative on the history of Northern Ireland spanning from Bloody Sunday to the Good Friday Agreement.”

A film for Ireland and the United States alike, this is a film for anyone who loves a tale about a formidable leader in the pursuit for peace.